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years of experience!

Hello, my name is Steve Mommaerts.

It is great to have lived these last ten years in Southeast Asia, experiencing the warm-hearted people and the diverse culture.

The individuals in this part of the world are the kindest and most hard-working individuals I have ever met, and I admire the entrepreneurial team spirit that lives within everyone.

I like to compare my experiences in Asia to being an athlete, in that you build a team around you to help each other achieve success. If all players teamwork together, then success automatically follows.

I come from a rugby-playing background and understand what is needed to create a winning team. I will bring that same mindset to helping companies just like yours grow and succeed.

Over the past 10 years, I have worked with some fantastic companies to help them build their teams and business to succeed in the long term.

Having the best-looking website and best MLM system does not make a business successful.  There are many other essential elements that a business needs to be successful.

A solid team of people and strategic partners is crucial to how far your business will grow.

We firmly believe that building a strategic partnership with your company will help you down the path to success. We hope you will select us to be part of your team, and we want to “earn your business.”

My dedicated team of professionals is here whether you need help drafting “the best compensation plan” for your business, selecting the best website design to give you the professional image, consulting with the best MLM Consultants, and even attending your corporate events to help you showcase your enteprise.

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Please contact me for a free, no-obligation ZOOM consultation on your new business. I extend a complementary network marketing seminar and workshop to review your new business and provide you with a complete start-up guideline to ensure your business is ready for success.

We can also meet at our Bangkok office or Manila office in the Philippines or Singapore.

Steve Mommaerts — Managing Director

Focused on Winning

And delivering an unsurpassed service and support experience.

Relationships Matter

Unlike many consultants that merely want to “keep you on the hook,” our goal is to help you quickly determine your needs and provide you value and insight from our experiences.

Our goal is to help put you in business, keep you in business, and most importantly, grow your business.

As in any relationship, communication is essential. We will be open and transparent and provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions rather than just telling you what you want to hear!

Through the success of our clients, we, too, succeed.

World-Class Support

Our goal is to not only supply you with a world-class consulting experience but also excellent support to help you when you need it.

It’s not a matter of “if” you are going to encounter bumps in the road, issues with vendors, distributors, growth, etc. but rather “when.”

As your strategic partner, we will be here for you 24/7 via phone support, chat support, email support, and an online help-desk ticketing system.

Experience — Since 1987

In business since 1987, we’ve learned quite a bit about the Direct Sales, MLM, Party Plans, and Network Marketing industries. Our core business is MLM Software.

We’ve made many valuable relationships that we will share with you, and we have learned some hard lessons from the successes and failures of our many clients that will reflect on your business.

We will provide you with the information you need to avoid the hurdles and pitfalls of MultiLevel Marketing.

Whether it’s helping you find start-up capital, products, MLM Software, designing your comp plan, hiring staff, merchant accounts, logistics, etc., we are available to help.

In Depth Training

While we do everything in our power to provide the highest level of support, we also work with you, your customer support team, and your vendors to provide you with all the tools necessary for you and your team to excel in the network marketing industry.

There are many facets to the network marketing industry, from learning how to use MLM software to have in your distributor kit, design the best compensation plan and how to educate, train, and motivate your distributors.

We offer online, in-house, webinar, telephone, and video training.

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Contact me from anywhere within the Eastern Hemisphere. 

I reside in Bangkok and Manila, and I regularly travel around SE Asia.

Talk to you soon, Steve

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